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Year 3 of the ON THE MARGINS project


On the margins

3. Year


„Will we one day know that the real centre is located on the margins?“


The focus of the third year of the project “On the Margins: underrepresented voices, genres and experiences in European literatures” has been on the voices of various minorities: sexual, age, ethnic, people with disabilities and neglected children. During the year we published ten high-quality literary works dealing with problems faced by marginalized and stigmatised social groups.

The project includes two graphic novels: “The Summer of Her Life” – an extraordinary comic book by the award-winning illustrator Barbara Yelin and author Thomas von Steinaecker, and “Blue is the Warmest Colour” – famous French comic book by Jul Maroh about falling in love, growing up, self-discovery and identity which was turned into the Palme d’or winning cult film “La Vie d’Adèle”.

Four novels published in the project’s third year are all award-winning and critically acclaimed works by excellent authors. “The Glass Garden” by  Tatiana Țîbuleac, one of the most respected contemporary Romanian authors, was awarded the European Union Prize for Literature. A stylistic masterpiece, this is novel of an entire generation of women.

The novel “The Colour of Smoke” by  Menyhért Lakatos is the first major novel about Eastern-European Roma written by a Romani author, a novel which paved the way for Romani literature. This timeless classic skilfully portrays the challenges of life on the margins.

Two titles written by Croatian authors have been translated into English and German in cooperation with foreign publishers. The novel “Special Needs” by Lada Vukić has been published in cooperation with London-based publisher Istros Books, and “Ein schönerer Schluss” by Bekim Sejranović in cooperation with the Austrian publisher Folio Verlag.

Three pieces of literature for children and young adults are the integral part of the story and values promoted by this project.

Award winning book “Being Young” by the Norwegian author Linn Skåber, uniquely illustrated by Lisa Aisato, is a collection of small texts about big topics from the perspective of young people. The book brings us young adults’ contemplations about life, growing-up, feeling and desires.

The books about Moomins by the Finnish author Tove Jansson are a true classics of children’s literature and favourites of millions of children around the world. In “Comet in Moominland” the Moomins find out that a comet is going to fall on Moominland. The Moomins bravely face this danger, while in “Mumminpapa’s Memoars” we find out all about Muminpapa’s life before he started a family in Moominland.

The year couldn’t be complete without the publishing of Adam Zagajewski’s poetry collection “Asymmetry”. Zagajewski is a major Polish poet and one of the most celebrated European and world poets of our day. With his short, thought-out strokes of poet-painter and verse reminiscent of the higher sphere music, Zagajewski sketches our emotions and universal human situations.

Ein schönerer Schluss

Der Held von Ein schönerer Schluss hat sich in Großvaters Hütte auf einem bosnischen Berg zurückgezogen. In ihr versucht er, sich nach dem dramatischen Scheitern einer Liebesgeschichte mit einer Norwegerin zu erholen, die immer schwach gegenüber Männern aus dem Raum des ehemaligen Jugoslawien war und deshalb einen erheblichen Preis dafür gezahlt hat...

Special Needs

Ten-year-old Emil lives with his mother in a rented flat in an unnamed European city. While she works hard in a low-paid job, Emil struggles to understand school work, abstract maths and the motivations of the adults that surround him


There is only benevolence / which is always late are the last verses of Adam Zagajewski’s poem “20th Century in Retirement”. Zagajewski is one of the most significant contemporary Polish and European authors.

Glass Garden

During the hardest years of communism, in Chișinău in 1980s, Russian Tamara Pavlovna saves a little girl Lastochka from the orphanage. Although it originally seems like a good deed, it has a dark side. A lonely and ambitious woman...

Comet in Moominland

Summer arrived to Moominland. Its citizens are happy and carefree. Little Sniff found a secret cave and Moomintroll a path to the sea. But one night a storm came, and Muskrat knocked on the door of Moominhouse with awful news: the raging storm foreshadows a great catastrophe...

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