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Thomas von Steinaecker

Born in Germany.


Thomas von Steinaecker

Born in Germany.

Thomas von Steinaecker is a German author, journalist, comic book critic, essayist and director. He studied literature in München and Cincinnati. He writes radio dramas and has filmed documentaries about Tolstoy, John Cage, Richard Strauss and Leonard Bernstein and several tv shows. He is the author of critically acclaimed Wallner beginnt zu Fliegen (2007) and Die Verteidigung des Paradieses (2016.) nominated for the German Book Award. Das Jahr, in dem ich aufhörte, mir Sorgen zu machen, und anfing zu träumen has been nominated for the Leipzig Book Fair Award in 2012. Von Steinaecker has received the Bavarian State Award for Culture in 2015 and Carl Amery Award for Literature in 2017 which is givent o contemporary German-speaking authors. In 2017 he has published his first graphic novel The Summer of Her Life with the illustrator Barbara Yelin.

Ein schönerer Schluss

Der Held von Ein schönerer Schluss hat sich in Großvaters Hütte auf einem bosnischen Berg zurückgezogen. In ihr versucht er, sich nach dem dramatischen Scheitern einer Liebesgeschichte mit einer Norwegerin zu erholen, die immer schwach gegenüber Männern aus dem Raum des ehemaligen Jugoslawien war und deshalb einen erheblichen Preis dafür gezahlt hat...

Special Needs

Ten-year-old Emil lives with his mother in a rented flat in an unnamed European city. While she works hard in a low-paid job, Emil struggles to understand school work, abstract maths and the motivations of the adults that surround him


There is only benevolence / which is always late are the last verses of Adam Zagajewski’s poem “20th Century in Retirement”. Zagajewski is one of the most significant contemporary Polish and European authors.

Glass Garden

During the hardest years of communism, in Chișinău in 1980s, Russian Tamara Pavlovna saves a little girl Lastochka from the orphanage. Although it originally seems like a good deed, it has a dark side. A lonely and ambitious woman...

Comet in Moominland

Summer arrived to Moominland. Its citizens are happy and carefree. Little Sniff found a secret cave and Moomintroll a path to the sea. But one night a storm came, and Muskrat knocked on the door of Moominhouse with awful news: the raging storm foreshadows a great catastrophe...

Magnetic Hill

“Magnetic Hill”, winner of the European Union Prize for Literature, has been dubbed “the novel of the Hungarian #metoo movement”. This is a complex psychological and social work which raises many questions, ranging from female identity to the responsibility of intellectuals in Hungary today.

We Ladies Are Fine

While receiving the Spanish Nacionale Award for graphic novel in 2018, Ana Penyas remarked how it is less important that she is the first female winner of this esteemed award and much more important that it was won because of a story about women, elderly women.

Der Berg

Ivica Prtenjača’s award-winning work “Der Berg” (Cro. “Brdo”, Eng. “The Hill”) is a novel about regaining freedom, the possibility of change and the fascinating Mediterranean culture.


Hanna spends every summer at her uncle with the cousin Siv, who is her age, and older Metter. But Siv has changed compared to last year. She is no longer interested in counting crabs and bugs they catch; she is instead interested in her older sister Mette’s adventures: boys, going out and parties.

Going Nowhere

The title reflects not only a hard stance but also a variedly explored theme of economic migration, a more comfortable kind, one which leaves on a plane with a relatively full belly so it can attempt to make a picture-perfect life for itself...


Award winning and much praised novel by the new European literary star. Written as a series of letters and notes addressed to the unnamed reader to whom the narrator reports about his life in Genova, where he made his permanent residence out of “desire to fulfil his eternal dream about the enviously rich and carefree Mediterranean life among real, authentic people here, in this medieval labyrinth.


Graphic novel Irmina, based on the life of the author’s grandmother, tells a story about a young woman and her gradual capitulation to Nazi ideology.

Wild Woman

Wild Woman is an anti-love story, set against a backdrop of economic hardship. Told through the undiluted language of thought and mania, the twists and turns of internal dialogue are brought alive by a narrator determined to find her true voice. It is a warning against letting life slip...

Exit West

Saeed, a sensitive and somewhat restrained young man, and Nadia, self-aware, independent and free-spirited young woman, meet one night at “the class on corporative identity and product branding” in a town which has been “teetering on the edge of abyss”, at the edge of war.


Alpha lives alone in Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire ever since his wife and son left for Paris without a visa. He has heard nothing from them since. Desperate, he decides to leave everything behind in order to find them. He can take different routes to Europe, but he faces possibly years of illegal travelling.

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