V.B.Z.’s “Poezija u pokretu” (“Poetry in Motion“) project has brought the poetry by excellent Croatian and foreign authors to public transport for two years in a row!

Inspired by many cities of the world, “Poezija u pokretu” has brought a breath of inspiration and culture to trams and buses in Zagreb and made contemporary poetry more accessible to citizens in these trying times. In more than one hundred of Zagreb’s buses and trams the passengers had an opportunity in December to read the poems penned by Carol Ann Duffy, one of the most interesting and most celebrated contemporary poets, the first female Poet Laureate in the UK, as well as the poetry of Croatian authors recently published by V.B.Z.: Tonko Maroević, Lana Derkač,Ivica Prtenjača, Mirela Priselac Remi and Irena Matijašević. This project has been funded by the European Union’s Creative Europe programme and the Croatian Ministry of Culture as part of V.B.Z.’s three-year long project “On the Margins: Underrepresented Voices, Genres and Experiences in European Literatures” which encompasses publishing, promotion and distribution of thirty high-quality literary works, mostly from less represented genres (graphic novels, poetry, children’s literature and short stories). This project wishes to create a platform which would help different voices and experiences of marginalized groups and minorities, as well as poetry, short stories and graphic novels, reach the widest possible readership.


About similar projects in other capital cities:

 “Poems on the Underground, a now traditional project started in London in 1986, exhibits the poems by contemporary and classic poets in the London underground three times a year. The project Projekt “Poèmes dans le metro” has proved equally successful in Paris since the early 1990s where up to 92 % of Parisians says that they enjoy reading the poems while using the metro.

Poetry has also driven through Warsaw with the project “Wiersze w metrze”, which started as part of the campaign for the promotion of Polish literature started during the Polish presidency of the European Union. Russian version of the project is called “Поэзия в метро” (“Poetry in the Metro”). “Poetry in motion” is a program which has been held in more than twenty American cities. It started in the 1990s at the initiative of the Poetry Society of America and its goal is to promote the poetry of notable and young poets. Over the years it has become one of the most popular public literary programmes in the United States.