vRIsak Literary Festival

Book fair and literary festival vRIsak which takes place in Rijeka, European Capital of Culture 2020, is designed as a cultural manifestation which stimulates reading and writing, promotes regional and European authors and offers an immediate view into the recent publishing production in Croatia and the wider region. The Festival also seeks to contribute to the establishing of cultural ties with various European and world literatures and encourage dialogue about the most important social and literary issues.

As a multimedia festival which has already achieved cult status, vRIsak is an ideal place for the promotion of the special sub-programme “On the Margins” which will give readers a chance to meet the authors whose works will be published as part of the project. Since the series puts focus on contemporary European literature, most authors will visit Rijeka and discuss their work with the audience. V.B.Z. also wants to use this project to promote the work of outstanding literary translators, so the authors will be joined on stage by the translators who participated in the making of this book series. To reach the highest number of people possible in different areas, a part of the Festival’s programme is traditionally held on the island of Lošinj which includes poetry readings, readings of unpublished works and translation workshops.

Authors and translators from the “On the Margins” series who visited Vrisak in 2019::